The rotary lifting ring, also known as the rotary lifting ring screw or universal lifting ring, is used for lifting occasions where the lifting angle needs to be adjusted; We recommends users to use rotary or swing rotary lifting lugs to replace the traditional eyebolts. Traditional eyebolts are only suitable for vertical lifting.

1.Advantages of Rotating Lifting Rings

It can realize 360 ° horizontal rotation and 180 ° up and down rotation, and four times the safety factor in any direction. Compared with the traditional DIN580 eyebolt, it is more flexible and can meet the lifting requirements in all aspects. The production materials are 35CrMo steel and 42CrMo steel at home, and nickel chromium molybdenum alloy steel or 100 grade materials are generally used for import.

2.Classification of swivel hoist rings

  • 1. According to the connection mode with the object to be lifted, it can be divided into two types: screw hole type lifting ring and bolt type lifting ring. According to the lifting angle, it can be divided into: straight pull rings, side pull rings, and straight side pull universal rings. The specifications available in the market are mostly M8-M120.
  • 2. Generally, it can be divided into G80 and G100 rotary rings according to the strength grade. The tension of G100 product is 25% higher than that of G80 product, which is a high-end product in the market at present.

3.Bolt threads for swivel hoist rings

At present, only a few foreign brands can provide metric and British screw threads, and most of them in China are metric screw threads. Due to the requirements of machining on equipment, only a few domestic manufacturers can produce screw threads that fully meet British/American standards.

The bolt strength grades of the rotary lifting ring are mainly 8.8 and 12.9. Among them, imported rotary rings mostly use 12.9 grade bolts. In the early years, domestic rotary rings mostly used 8.8 grade bolts. In recent years, with the technical innovation and optimization of products, domestic rotary rings also use 12.9 grade bolts, which are comparable to imported products in performance and have a fairly high cost performance.

4.Application of Rotating Lifting Rings in Hoisting Industry

With the vigorous development of the domestic mold industry, the rotary rings have been greatly promoted and applied. The main users are mold plants, machinery plants, etc. The emerging wind power industry has a stronger demand for rotary rings. The traditional DIN 580 eyebolt can only be lifted at 0 degrees, and the lifting angle is required to be no more than 45 degrees laterally, otherwise there is a risk of breakage. The strength loss at 45 degrees is 70%, and the loss at 90 degrees is 75% (refer to GB825 and DIN580 standards). Today, more and more attention is paid to lifting safety. With its flexible, safe and durable performance, rotary lifting rings are better than DIN 580 lifting rings and will be used in more lifting fields.

5.Precautions for use of universal rotary lifting ring

  • 1. Please select a suitable rotary lifting ring as required. Do not use the rotary lifting ring for overload lifting. The body of the rotary lifting ring is marked with significant rated load;
  • 2. Tap the screw hole on the workpiece to make the eyebolt vertically installed on the workpiece surface. The threaded hole shall be sunk to prevent the top line from expanding when the lifting ring is twisted; The workpiece surface must be flat, so that the lifting ring washer and the workpiece surface are in full contact, and there is no gap between them;
  • 3. Do not use a spacer between the lifting ring bushing and the workpiece surface;
  • 4. When the lifting ring is installed on soft materials (such as aluminum), the effective engagement length of the thread shall be twice the diameter of the thread When the lifting ring is installed on the steel material, the effective engagement length of the thread shall be 1.5 times of the thread diameter
  • 5. During lifting operation, gradually increase the force Avoid oscillating loads
  • 6. The eyebolt shall be tightened with the specified torque The lifting ring is engraved with the specified torque
  • 7. The lifting ring may gradually loosen during use Once the lifting ring is loose, it must be re tightened with the specified torque The specified torque is engraved on the lifting ring
  • 8. If the through hole is used to install the lifting ring, ensure that the quality grade of the nut or washer is the same as that of the lifting ring
  • 9. Universal elevator link is not suitable for high-speed rotation when fully loaded;
  • 10. As improper operation will cause damage to the rings, it is recommended to check the rings regularly and conduct tension test on the rings regularly