Stainless steel Chain is used as a common device of driving force. It is designed with hyperbola arc chain to reduce the friction, and used for some applications where there is strong driving force but slow speed. It has more obvious advantages than belt driving force system, such as tank chain, air-operated compressor. But the driving speed can’t be very fast, because the stainless steel chain has less tenacity than belt driving system.

Stainless steel chains are easy to clean, so they are applied to some high demand of some chemicals and high temperature or low temperature conditions.

According to the chain materials, stainless steel chain can be classified into the following 3 items:

1.Stainless steel chain uses 1Cr18Ni9Ti or SS304 material, to guarantee the superior quality of the modern machines.

2.Austenitic stainless steel series, such as SUS314, SUS316 and SUS316L have very good corrosion resistance that can work in acid or alkaline or -40℃–600℃ temperature conditions. Among them, SUS316L is the best material because of its best diamagnetism, bad temperature adaptation and chemically-amplified resistance.

3.The martensite stainless steel series, such as 2Cr13, which has excellent anti-corrosion and carbon steel strength.

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