Grade 43 Chain Electro Galvanized Finish Half Drum

Electronically Welded Chain
Finish is self color
Meets or exceeds NACM and ASTM standards
(A391 & A413)
High strength to weight ratio
NOT to be used for overhead lifting
NEVER exceed published working load limit



Grade 43 chain is a steel chain that possess greater tensile strength than Proof Coil Chain. Grade 43 Binder Chains typically has a 50% higher working load limit than Proof Coil or Grade 30 Chain. . G43 binder chains are also referred to as High Test Tow Chains, or Log Chains. Grade 43 Chain is NOT approved for overhead lifting. The Binder chains are supplied with a clevis grab hook on each end.


Grade of Chain: NACM (National Association of Chain Manufacturers & ASTM (American Society for Test Materials) classify chains in various grades. The higher the grade, the higher the working load limit for the same size of chain.

Working Load Limit (WLL): (rated capacity) Is the maximum working load that should be applied In direct tension to an undamaged straight length of chain.

Proof Test: (manufacturing test force) Is a term designating the minimum tensile force which has been applied to a chain under a constantly increasing force In direct tension during the manufacturing process. These loads are manufacturing integrity tests and shall not be used as criteria for service or design purpose.

Minimum Breaking Force: The minimum force at which the chain during manufacture has been found by testing to break when a constantly increasing force is applied in direct tension. Breaking force values are not guarantees that all chain segments will endure these loads. This test is a manufacturer’s attribute acceptance test and SHALL NOT be used as criteria for service and design purpose.

Overhead Lifting: The process of lifting that would elevate a freely suspended load to such a position that dropping a load would present a possibility of bodily injury or Property damage.


Name: Grade 43 Chain Electro Galvanized Finish Half Drum

MOQ: 100 Meters

Package: Carton + Steel Pallet


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