In the structure of many mechanical equipment, the chain, as an important part of industrial transmission, has been saving labor for conveying products. However, with the involvement of lubricating oil and impurities, dirt accumulates in the gaps and corners of the chain, and even carbon accumulates, which makes the chain difficult to operate. Even some chains will rust if they are not maintained for a long time. If they are not handled in time, they may cause potential operational safety hazards.

It is difficult to manually clean the greasy dirt and dust on the chain and mechanical equipment, because it is difficult to clean the corners and inaccessible corners of the chain or other metal parts of the equipment. Therefore, it is necessary to rely on industrial cleaning agents and rust removers to solve the dust and rust on mechanical equipment parts.

How to clean the dirt and oil dirt on the surface of mechanical equipment components such as chains?

Generally, industrial detergent stock solution and water are prepared into a cleaning solution with a concentration of 5~10%, and sprayed at room temperature to clean the surfaces of mechanical equipment parts that need to be degreased and dusted, or the detachable parts are ultrasonic cleaned for 3~10 minutes. The cleaned mechanical equipment parts can be rinsed with clean water and then dried or dried directly as required. Generally speaking, when the surface of parts is particularly greasy or has greasy dirt with high melting point, part of the greasy dirt should be removed manually or mechanically first, and then cleaned with industrial cleaning agent, so that the effect is better.

How to derust the rusty chain and other mechanical equipment parts?

The derusting treatment of rusty parts of mechanical equipment in the factory generally requires a safe environment. Common derusting agents contain hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, even sulfuric acid and other components. If this kind of pickling is used for derusting, acid mist will be generated in the process, which is very unsafe for the environment of the entire factory. Moreover, if the rust remover is left on the equipment surface, it will cause corrosion risk to the metal. Therefore, the general machinery factory will choose to use neutral rust remover that will not damage the base material, no acid mist, water-based products, environmental protection and safety.

Whether it is a rusty chain or a mechanical equipment component with oil dirt, cleaning and derusting should not only consider the simplicity of operation, but also consider whether the safety and environmental protection of the product are up to standard. Although simple cleaning and derusting can achieve the effect, it is also necessary to customize a special scheme according to the maintenance standards and operating environment of the parts.