Stainless steel Chain is used as a common device of driving force. It is designed with hyperbola arc chain to reduce the friction and the energy loss, then it can get efficient driving power. Chain driving power is mainly applied for strong driving but slow speed conditions.

The chains used in driving are various including Driving Inverted Tooth Shape Chain (Silent Chain), PIV Chain (Positive Infinitely Variable Speed Chain), Long Pitch Conveyor Chain, Short Pitch Roller Chain, Double Pitch Roller Conveyor Chain, Double Speed Conveyor Chain, Sleeve Chains for Transmission,Bent Plate Roller Chain for Heavy Duty Transmission, Double Pitch Roller Chain for Transmission, Short Pitch Roller Conveyor Chain, Leaf Chain, etc.

  • Stainless Steel Chain

Stainless Steel Chain is mainly used stainless steel as the material, it has excellent anti-corrosion and adaption of high or low temperature conditions. Stainless steel chains are largely used food products process, chemical industry and medical industry, etc.

  • Self-lubricating Chain

A necessary material for Self-lubricating Chain is a kind of special sintered metal that dipped with lubricating oil. The chains made of this kind metal have good characteristics such as durability, anti-corrosion, self-lubricating without maintenance, it is convenient to use and work long time. So it is mainly used for the conditions demanding for high durability and inconvenience of maintenance, such as food automatic production line.

  • Rubber Chain

Rubber Chain manufacturing way is adding an extra U plate on the outer link of the standard common chain, then use various kinds of rubbers pasted on the extra U plate. The main rubbers are natural NR or silicone resin SI rubbers, which can get better durability for the chains, and reduce the working noise, strengthen anti-vibration.

  • High Strength and Tensile Chain

High Strength and Tensile Chain is a special roller chain. It is improved chain shape, and do some special settlement on the chain plate, chain hole, and
hinge pin. High Strength and Tensile Chain has excellent tensile strength that is 15%-30% stronger than the usual standard chain, and it has very good impact resistance and fatigue resistance.