Chain is definitely one of the widely used fasteners. It is often used not only in industry, but also in life. Now let’s learn about the types of chains and their different uses in industry and life with me.

Let’s see what a chain is first.

Chain refers to a series of chain links or rings, usually made of metal, and a few are plastic.

1. Type of chain

Chains mainly include transmission chain, conveying chain, traction chain, special professional chain and other series.

According to different standards, it can be divided into: stainless steel chain, plastic chain, Fu chain, NE chain, SDBF chain, conveyor chain, elevator chain, roller chain, self-lubricating chain, etc.

2. Industrial use of chain

Chains are widely used in industry, such as conveyors and hoists, which need the existence of chains to operate. For many mechanical equipment, chains are also indispensable. In addition, the selection of chains in different occasions should also be paid attention to. For example, stainless steel chains are needed in the food industry and in places prone to erosion by chemicals and drugs, or in places where the temperature is too high or too low; Where there are high requirements for stress and wear resistance and it is not suitable for frequent maintenance (such as automatic production line, etc.), it is necessary to use self-lubricating chain.

3. Common uses of chain in life

In addition to industry, we can often see the shadow of chain in our life.

bicycle Chain

When I was young, private cars were not popular enough. People basically relied on bicycles for short trips. At that time, basically every family had at least one bicycle, so bicycle chain is definitely one of the most seen chains.

Elevator chain

Whether escalators or vertical elevators, there is no lack of chain. However, at this time, the chain is usually hidden in the dark. It is not “common”, but it is absolutely “common”!

Pet chain

Friends who like to keep dogs are know this chain. It is one of the common pet traction ropes. Especially for large dogs, using chain has the advantages of durability and not easy to break.

It seems that whether in industry or life, chains are common enough and commonly used!