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We are a professional chain manufacturer with 17 years experience.

Various Specifications of Chain Solutions

Provide Customized Services

There are too many specifications and models of the chains, and we did not show them one by one on the website. Our chains provide various of specifications and models of customization, and support the customization of international different standards.

Our products have passed various certifications, and our products are sold globally. We also provide OEM services. Please contact our engineers to order the products you need.


News and Blog Posts

  • Grade 30 Proof Coil Self Color Long Link Chain Half Drum

Galvanized Swing Chains: Durability and Safety for Playgrounds

September 28, 2023|

Top Steel Chain, a prominent industrial chain manufacturer, is delighted to present an informative article on Galvanized Swing Chains. we explore the benefits, manufacturing process, and safety considerations associated with galvanized swing chains, which play [...]

  • Grade 43 Hot Dipped Galvanized Half Drum

Unyielding Strength: Top Steel Chain’s Guide to Thick Metal Chains

September 26, 2023|

Top Steel Chain, a prominent name in industrial chain manufacturing, proudly presents a comprehensive guide to Thick Metal Chains. we explore the world of these robust chains, unveiling their exceptional characteristics, diverse applications, and the [...]

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