Grade 120 Binder Chain (Europe)

Comes fully assembled with grab hooks on both ends
4:1 Design Factor
Higher wear resistance due to the special profile of the chain
The NEW Grade 120 profile has up to a 38% higher bend resistance
Superior Powder Coated Finish
Can be tagged if neccesary



Grade 120 chain was specifically designed to for extreme overhead lifting applications. Grade 120 Chain is an ultra-premium quality high strength alloy steel. Grade We use this chain to produce our top of the line grade 120 binder chains. Grade 120 Binder Chains have a 50 percent increase in working load limit as compared to a similar size chain in Grade 80. This allows you to reduce the size or number of chains required. Grade 120 binder chains chains are also referred to as tow/binder chains, Grade 12, Grade 120 Winner Pro. The binder chains are supplied with an eye grab hook. This eye grab hook is connected to the chain via a connecting link.Grade 120 binder chains are NOT approved for overhead lifting UNLESS they are fitted with a proper tag and certification


Name: Grade 120 Binder Chain (Europe)

Package: Carton + Steel Pallet


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