How many tons can the g80 chain lifting ?

The number of tons that a g80 lifting chain can pull depends on the corresponding specification parameters. Normal g80 lifting chains can pull from 1.1 tons to 55.4 tons, with a minimum safety factor of 4 times. Our 13mm national standard lifting chain has a standard specification of 13 * 39, a working load of 5T, a test load of 12 tons, and a unit weight of about 3.8 kilograms.

The normal lifting chains can be divided into G80 level lifting chains, 60 level lifting chains, 70 level lifting chains, and 80 level lifting chains. Blackened G80 lifting chains, primary color G80 lifting chains, galvanized G80 lifting chains, varnished G80 lifting chains, polished G80 lifting chains, and plastic coated G80 lifting chains. The standards for lifting chains can be divided into: German standard G80 lifting chains, national standard G80 lifting chains, and American standard G80 lifting chains.

The g80 lifting chain is made of the highest quality alloy steel in the world (refer to DIN5685, EN818-2, GB/T12718, GB/T20946 and other standards for production), and its scope is: Φ 6- Φ 48. Chains with different pitches can also be made according to user needs. It is necessary to communicate with specific suppliers about how many tons of other g80 lifting chains can be pulled.

G80 grade lifting chain material

The chain material is mostly made of manganese steel to ensure that it meets the advanced standard of 4 times the safety factor and 2.5 times the test load. The g80 lifting chain material has undergone multiple tensile tests and sampling inspections, making each g80 lifting chain manufactured in accordance with the international quality standard ISO9001. Our factory’s grade g80 lifting chain has the advantages of high strength, abrasion resistance, and resistance to deformation.

Measurement method for manganese steel grade g80 lifting chain:

  • A. Before measurement, the grade g80 lifting chain was cleaned.
  • B. The tested grade g80 lifting chain was surrounded by two sprockets, and the upper and lower sides of the tested chain should be supported.
  • C. Before measurement, the grade g80 lifting chain should remain for 1 min under the minimum ultimate tensile load of one-third.
  • D. During measurement, the specified measurement load was applied to the grade g80 lifting chain, Tensioning the upper and lower sides of the chain. The chain should ensure normal engagement with the sprocket. E. Measure the center distance between the two sprockets.

Measure the elongation of the g80 level lifting chain.

  • 1. To remove the clearance of the entire g80 level lifting chain, apply a certain degree of pulling tension to the chain and measure it.
  • 2. When measuring, in order to minimize errors, measure the inside L1 and outside L2 dimensions between the rollers of the number of segments, to obtain the judgment dimension L=(L1+L2)/2. Calculate the elongation length of the g80 level lifting chain, This value is compared to the limit value for chain elongation used in the previous item.