In the process of industrial production, industrial chain is a very important part, and it is an irreplaceable transmission tool in the production process. After years of development and sedimentation, today’s industrial chain has been quite rich in varieties.

Nowadays, the widely used chain products include roller chains and sleeve chains, as well as long pitch roller chains for transmission. However, for specific purposes, the current industrial chains are mostly used for transmission and transportation.

Importance of industrial chain to industrial production

1. Nowadays, the manufacturing technology of these chains by major manufacturers has basically become more and more mature, and the quality and reliability of industrial chains are also getting better and better. For example, multi tooth chains are also quite safe and reliable in the transmission process. Compared with the traditional old belt transmission, industrial chains are more precise and transmission efficiency is higher.

2. The industrial chain also has the ability to bring perfect use effect to users in quite complex and harsh use environment, which is also the embodiment of the strong applicability of the industrial chain. Today’s chain products are basically manufactured by machinery and equipment, and adopt more advanced heat treatment technology and stamping molding. In terms of quality, they are also different from the past. They are widely used in transportation industry, light textile industry, metallurgy and high-precision instrument industry.

3. There have also been many breakthroughs in the selection of materials and types, such as corrosion-resistant stainless steel chains, powder metallurgy chains, etc. users can choose the right chain according to the specific use environment to achieve a fairly ideal use effect, so as to promote the production efficiency of various industries.

The above is the sharing of relevant contents about the importance of industrial chain. I hope it can help you better understand the indispensable parts in industrial production chain!